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QWO | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO


The QWO procedure is perfect if you’d like:
  • Treat hardened fat deposits
  • Nonreverable results
  • Minimal recovery
  • A quick, comfortable process
  • Target various areas such as the arms, abdomen, chin, and more!
If you have moderate or severe cellulite on your buttocks, then you’re a great candidate for QWO. With only a few treatments, your cellulite dissolves, and your skin gets a smooth appearance—an excellent option for women who have stubborn cellulite. The enzymes in prescription medicine target the structural fat cells within the deepest layers of the skin; it gets to the root of where cellulite starts. QWO releases the fibrous septae that keep the skin bonded to muscles, redistributing the fat cells and stimulating new collagen growth.



QWO is an FDA-approved prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. The regulated cooling dissolves fat cells from areas of your body that won’t slim with a healthy diet and exercise alone. With minimal discomfort, QWO gives you long-lasting results with minimal recovery.


This cellulite treatment targets fat cells within the buttocks.

You’ll notice cellulite reduction within four weeks after the first treatment.

The results last up to one year.

Before your procedure, you’ll need to avoid medications and supplements that cause your blood to be thin, such as vitamin E, aspirin, garlic, or turmeric. Don’t consume alcohol for twenty-four hours before the procedure. Take Arnica tablets one week before the treatment to prevent bruising.

The Day Of Treatment

Avoid shaving, LASIK hair removal, electrolysis, waxing, and threading. Don’t put creams or lotions on the areas being treated.


You’ll get minimal recovery with this noninvasive procedure. You may continue regular routines on the same day of treatment. It would help if you avoided extreme exercise for the first twenty-four hours. Don’t shave your legs four days after your procedure—no tanning for two weeks. Don’t shower for 24 hours after treatment and no baths for one week for optimal results.

Yes. You may get tenderness and moderate bruising that dissolve in a few days. The injection weakens the blood vessels on the treated area, causing excess blood to absorb into the tissue. The second or third treatments produce milder bruising.


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