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Dermaplane Regularly scheduled dermaplaning treatments: Rejuvenate dry and dull skin Enhances the results of skincare products Smooths uneven skin tone Exfoliates dead skin cells This procedure is also excellent for patients who want to get rid of noticeable peach fuzz on their faces. Leaving a flawless glow on your skin! Regularly scheduled dermaplaning treatments: Rejuvenate […]


Facials | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO

Facials DIAMOND GLOW PLATINUM FACIAL $280 This service is the top of the line with TRIPLE EXFOLIATION  to give your skin a natural glow! It includes a Dermaplane service that scrapes off the peach fuzz and dead skin. A customized Diamond Glow treatment, 3-in-1 service infuses serum, extracts pores, and scrapes off dead skin with […]

Kenalog Injection

Kenalog Injection | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO

Kenalog Injection At Modern Med, we perform effective Kenalog Injection treatments for patient’s who’d like to: Quickly treat large bumps in the inner layers of the skin Get visible results within 4-8 hours Dissolve acne cysts without damaging the surface of the skin Prevent scarring from severe cystic acne If you have severe cystic acne […]


Microneedling POTENZA RADIOFREQUENCY MICRONEEDLING $800+ per treatment Let’s say microneedling on steroids. Potenza provides your skin with thermal energy to deeper tissue, causing tissue contraction. The energy/heat also triggers the body to produce collagen and elastin, resulting in skin tightening through soft-tissue coagulation. COLLAGEN PIN MICRO-NEEDLING $300 PER TREATMENT OR $850 FOR 3 TREATMENTS Micro-needling […]

PDO Threads

PDO Threads | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO

PDO Threads A PDO Thread Lift is a noninvasive treatment. After numbing and massaging anesthesia on the area of treatment, the PDO threads are inserted into all layers of the skin. Once injected, the threads anchor the skin and firms it upwards.​ Depending on the size of the areas treated, the procedure takes 30-60 minutes. […]


Sclerotherapy | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO

The Treatment Sclerotherapy has a variety of advantages, including: Performed cosmetically Quick ache relief Completed within one hour No anesthetics Minimal recovery A safe and effective vein treatment that’s become widely practiced. It’s non-invasive and has fewer risks than surgery. Our patients always get optimal results. In 90% of cases, it effectively dissolved varicose and […]

Vitamin Shot

Vitamin Shot | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO

Vitamin Shot To perform at your optimal capacity, your body needs to have all vitamins and minerals. Health problems arise if you start to get a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B12 injections are a great option if you want to feel revitalized. Safe, non-invasive procedure Improved mood Enhances metabolism for a healthy weight Prevents anemia Strengthens […]

Growth Factor Injections

PRP | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO

Growth Factor Injections Growth Factor Injections UNDER-EYE INJECTIONS $700 – $750 $700 Growth Factor Injections injections under the eyes will help with dark circles and target imperfections of the skin. Growth Factor Injections contains growth factors and triggers wound healing, producing collagen and creating younger-looking skin. ​ MICRONEEDLING WITH GROWTH FACTOR […]


Sculptra The primary function of Sculptra is correct age-related skin imperfections. This dermal treatment is versatile because it treats several aging problems visible in the mid-face or the face area from the cheekbones to the chin. Patients with these skin concerns are great candidates for this procedure: Fine lines and wrinkles Smiling lines Marionette lines […]


kybella | Modern Med | Kirkwood, MO

Kybella KYBELLA $1200 pER TREATMENT Kybella is injected into the submental fat or the “double chin” to destroy fat cells. May take 2-6 treatments. Results are permanent and vary from person to person. You will have swelling and bruising for up to a week, so plan accordingly. Ask about a three-treatment special. FAQ’s What is […]

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