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Laser treatment works most effectively for hair removal, sun spots, and veins. It’s FDA approved and uses modern equipment that produces wavelengths to treat a variety of skin concerns. With minimal treatments, the laser provides a comfortable and quick solution to improve the skin’s appearance. The main benefits of the laser procedure include:
  • Softens the skin
  • Produces no scarring
  • Lasting results with minimal treatments
Your procedure begins with a topical numbing ointment massaged on your skin. This improves your comfort and eases discomfort during the treatment. As we administer the device to the treatment area, it quickly and effectively treats the inner layers of your skin. Then, the device hovers above your skin before pulsing for only a second. The laser causes a mild heating sensation and treats your skin concerns within minutes.



The Elite iQ laser produces an intense burst of light absorbed by the hair follicle. You may need multiple treatments. The treated areas include the face, upper lip, underarms, back, forearms, bikini region, and legs.



The Elite iQ laser can zap sun spots, hyperpigmentation, cherry angiomas, age spots, and more. May take multiple treatments.



The Elite iQ treatment attempts to remove, fade or significantly lighten the veins. Your provider will determine if the facial or leg vein is appropriate for treatment. This treatment is not a cure for vein disease, nor will it prevent further veins from developing.

 Multiple treatments may be necessary.


Lasers treat skin areas such as your upper lip, chin, sideburns, armpits, back, legs, and bikini area.

You’ll get optimal results for restored hair follicles, dissolved sunspots, or treated veins within one week of your treatment. If you have five laser hair removal sessions four weeks apart, you’ll see results within 21 weeks of the first procedure.

The results are long-lasting. Most patients see no hair regrowth after ten years of their treatment.

Yes. You might get skin irritation, discomfort, redness, and swelling. These symptoms fade within a few hours.

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