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Emsculpt Neo


EMSCULPT Neo. It uses high-intensity, focused electromagnetic technology with radiofrequency to produce new muscle contractions. This helps build muscle mass and reduce fat—muscles contract in the extreme conditions caused by supramaximal muscle contractions. More efficient than EMSCULPT, the EMSCULPT Neo works more effectively to help you build the muscle you want. EMSCULPT Neo is a body contouring procedure that can treat abdominal areas, and it’s the first nonsurgical butt lift procedure available. You can discuss other possible treatment areas during your consultation.

​EMSCULPT Neo is the only FDA-approved device that combines RF (radio frequency)

 with HIFEM (magnetic Tesla energy) to reduce fat and build muscle.

RF serves two purposes:

  1. It pre-heats the muscles to achieve even better results.
  2. Heats the fat layer in the skin, causing fat cells to be destroyed permanently.

HIFEM is also much stronger on the EMSCULPT Neo to help provide

improved muscle size, strength, and definition.

Not only has EMSCULPT Neo shown increased results in fat reduction and muscle increase,

 but the Neo also has shown a 14% reduction in abdominal fat behind the muscle wall.

EMSCULPT Neo is an effective way to:

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Get enhanced results with the powerful duo of the semaglutide injection and Emsculpt Neo treatments combined.

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​Call us at (314) 394-0204 to book and for more information.
Price Varies.



No wrinkles are the best wrinkles! Botox prevents wrinkles and fine lines from causing a permanent crease on your face. Botox Cosmetic is a non-surgical, non-permanent medication injected into the facial muscles to relax them and create a smooth appearance of the skin. Studies show Botox can be started in your mid-20s for preventative measures and used every 3-6 months as needed. Botox takes up to 2 weeks to show max effect and lasts for 3-4 months. No downtime. The Forehead area usually costs between $135-240. You can make follow-up appointments after two weeks for more coverage.


$145 - $240 ESTIMATE

Botox to the frown lines, 11s, glabella region can give you a tension-free, more relaxed look. Botox Cosmetic can be injected into this area to relax the muscles and decrease wrinkle appearance from everyday facial expressions. Decrease the lines that are slowly setting in. It’s easier to prevent than to correct.


$145 - $240 ESTIMATE

Let’s treat your crow’s feet/smile lines with Botox cosmetics. Take preventive measures now. Botox treatments can be done as needed every 3-6 months,  or just for special events such as photos/weddings/holidays/etc.


This treatment increases the fat metabolism and muscle in the thighs, triceps and upper arms, buttocks, and abdomen.

The results will be visible within 90 days after the last procedure. Most patients need a minimum of 4 treatments which are done weekly for one month to get optimal results.

The muscle mass produced by EMSCULPT can last six months to one year if patients continue to perform their strength exercises regularly.

A day before your treatment, drink at least two liters of water, rinse creams and topical products from your skin, shave body hair near and in the treatment area, don’t drink caffeine or alcohol because it slows the recovery process. Avoid eating a meal two hours before the procedure.

There is minimal recovery. Treatments take thirty minutes, and you’ll be able to resume regular activities the same day of the procedure. If you get sore muscles, take an over-the-counter medication to ease discomfort.

There are mild symptoms that may occur, such as redness and sore muscles.

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