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Regularly scheduled dermaplaning treatments:

  • Rejuvenate dry and dull skin
  • Dissolves vellus hair
  • Enhances the results of skincare products
  • Smooths uneven skin tone
  • Treats mild scarring caused by acne

This procedure is also excellent for patients who want to dissolve noticeable peach fuzz on their faces. As years go by, the vellus hairs can cause oil to accumulate, which can cause blemishes. Having a hairless face improves your skin’s health and prevents acne.



Would you like to enhance your skin’s tone and texture? Let our esthetician smooth your dull skin cells and peach fuzz away. As an added perk, you’ll also get a light mask and serum infusion to revitalize your skin. Dermaplane is a quick and non-invasive skin treatment used to gently scrape off the epidermal cells on the surface of your skin. Using an ultra-modern device, it’s performed carefully dissolving the first layer of problematic skin.


Your dermaplane treatment is performed on the face, beneath the chin, and sides of the neck.

The results will be visible on the same day of treatment. You’ll notice softer skin that has an even tone and texture.

Results aren’t permanent because skin cells reproduce, and hairs grow. The improvements will last 3-4 weeks or when your skin completes the rejuvenation cycle. We recommend scheduling a treatment once each month for optimal results.

Limit the hours you’re out in the sun, especially if you’re prone to irritation, for at least three weeks before your treatment. Don’t exfoliate your skin for one week before the procedure to prevent over-exfoliation, which leads to irritation. If you need to wax, make sure it’s performed two weeks before the treatment. Having blemish-free skin is necessary for a safe procedure with effective results.


To ensure optimal results, for one week after the procedure, please avoid:

  • Going to saunas or steam rooms
  • Exercising
  • Exfoliating skincare products
  • Wearing makeup
  • Scheduling facial treatments
  • Cleansing the skin with a washcloth
  • Sun exposure

Wash your facial skin with a mild cleanser and moisturize regularly with products that have hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and retinol.


Yes. You may get blemishes, redness, irritation, and discoloration. These symptoms only affect the first layer of your skin and fade within a few days.

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