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Nurse Injector Role: Here is Everything You Should Know

 Nurse injectors are jobs that can interest a lot of people. Are you interested in a position that pursues a career as a nurse injector but is unsure where to start? Are you curious about how the role of nurse injectors works? Or are you interested and want to become one but have no idea how and where exactly to start? Well, you’re in luck!

Today, let us discuss the ins and outs of becoming a nurse injector! As aesthetic nurses, high-stress work environments like the ER and ICU are a thing of the past!

What is a Nurse Injector? What Do They Do?

Nurse injectors are RNs or APRNs equipped with and are specialized providers of aesthetic beauty services such as the popular Botox neurotoxin injections and in-demand dermal fillers. Some of the duties of a nurse injector role entail the following:

  • Consults patients in detail regarding numerous aesthetic options in achieving their desired outcomes
  • Gives referrals
  • Offers one-on-one individualized patient care plans
  • Performs neurotoxin and filler injections
  • Performs different cosmetic treatments like chemical treatments, hair removal, and laser procedure
  • Provides education to their patients with relevant information about the procedure, its potential side effects, and how the products are to be used
  • Provides follow-up care

Needed Experience and Credentials

Even though some of the details will vary by state and specific online job resources, we have outlined some of the required experiences and credentials needed to pursue a career as a nurse injector:

  • Receive a BSN degree.
  • Become an NCLEX-RN Examination passer.
  • Complete at least 1,000 hours in core competency specialties in the last two (2) years, possibly varying by state.
  • Possess a nursing experience, minimum of two (2) years within the designated four (4) core competencies with a board-certified physician within a core specialty such as Plastic/Aesthetic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, or Facial Plastic Surgery, again possibly varying by state.
  • A must-have supervising core physician’s endorsement for the applicant’s application. Again, this criterion may differ per state.
  • Although this step is not always required, it can help you earn credentials through the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board.

Reasons Why Being Nurse Injectors are Right for You

     Being a nurse injector can be demanding at times. So, equip yourself with the proper knowledge about being one and why this job is perfect for you. Here are things to check out when you do self-checking:

  • You are a detail-oriented individual.
  • You have an eye for aesthetics.
  • You find cosmetic procedures not only glamorous but also enjoyable.
  • You enjoy boosting your patient’s confidence and self-image
  • Chronic illnesses and diseases are not your nursing “cup of tea

What to Do

Once you have gotten a firm grip on the motivation of becoming a nurse injector, here are some helpful tips on what to do to practice this profession strictly, but in a fun and enjoyable way, too.

1. Look at all things in a pretty manner.

Outside the nursing profession, you are considered a fashionista and appreciate drama, style, and fashion. You may even have an “all things pretty” Pinterest board. You understand beauty on all levels and glean satisfaction when you can provide a “beauty tip” to others.

2. Prefer caring for women over men, or vice versa.

It’s okay to be honest, and favor providing care to women over men or the other way around. According to a 2013 national review of plastic surgery statistics, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery stated that women mainly comprise all nonsurgical cosmetic procedures – 90.6% to be exact.

Those women who are health nurse practitioners usually prefer caring for women over men. However, even with that said, several men may also be on the same schedule as those women who treat women for various aesthetic procedures.

Nevertheless, explore and venture the gender demographics align with the ASAPS data to broaden your job opportunities even more, not only as a nurse injector.

3. Easily say your zipper’s down.

Often, a patient will come through your office door and ask what you think they need to look more “beautiful.” You feel that you are obliged to reply with a kind and polite answer, which would naturally be, “you are already beautiful, and you do not need a thing.” Regardless, you know that as a nurse, you are, to be honest with your patients, but you are hesitant.

Clients want a simple nurse injector to tell them what they need or do not need. Patients often know that they come to the clinic because they want an honest and unbiased opinion of what their needs are at the time. Often, practitioners tell them they do not currently need anything or that their forehead does not require Botox yet. Explain to them that it is too soon or that, for now, you do not have anatomical needs for aesthetic procedures.

The best and most honest answer from a nurse injector to the patient’s query should be the same as what you would say to your excellent friend: “you are already beautiful…but the hollows under your eyes already show your age more unlike how it was expected. But, we can use some fillers in those areas, giving you a refreshed and younger look!” Wala! The patient is happy!! You have solved her concerns. And, yes, I am the girl who tells her girlfriend that she has something in her teeth, her slip is showing, or that her zipper is down!

4. Always be enticed by dermatology or plastic surgery.

You might still be continually intrigued in the back of your professional mind. Still, you did not know how to get started in the specialty fields of plastic surgery or dermatology nursing. You may not have had any clinical experience or exposure to these two areas in nursing school. However, given a choice today for a clinical rotation, plastic surgery, or dermatology, you should pick nursing to be first on your list.

5. Keep calm always and have steady hands.

Let us say one of your favorite games as a child was Operation! You had such precision that you could rock those tweezers and pull out all rubber bands, bones, and water buckets without buzzing. Fast forward to today, and you readily realize that you still have those steady and calm hands, especially as a nurse injector.

Final Takeaways

Welcome to the world of nurse injectors! Be sure to keep all the tips we have given you today in your minds and hearts to become the best nurse injector you can be.

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